Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crystal Christmas.....Is Back Finally

As what the title said, yes....Crystal Christmas is back after long MIA! 

A lot has happened over the last two and half years. I went back to corporate world after stop for almost three years, but quit after working only half year. Then run a child enrichment center, closed down after getting pregnant. My baby girl is getting 3 month old, feel like going back to corporate world again. LOL.....

I stitched quite a bit during my second trimester. I seriously thought that I could finish this piece before the baby born. Oh well.....Just too uneasy. Especially with a 4 year old cheeky boy around. Nevertheless, there is a progress I would like to present to you.

 More hard works to be done on this part, as there is a missing angel on the left :)
Part I

I have issue to look for the Star charm to be stitched on top of the X'mas tree. Apparently, this charm has stop from producing. Oh well....I have to look for its repl
Part II

Look at the two dancing angels. They are just too adorable!
Dancing Angels