Monday, May 16, 2011

Crystal Christmas

Some of you may have noticed that I have been collecting stash on different floss secretly. Here and here.Yes, those are for one of my favorite design, Crystal Christmas by Mirabilia. This chart has been with me since last 6 years, can you imagine that? :>

I faced some difficulties on stitching Arctic Ray floss, I still feel that the floss is too thick to stitch on 32ct fabric. Perhaps you would share your experience with me. I would like to complete it seriously, hopefully by Christmas this year. Will keep you updated!


Melanie said...

Hi Christine, are you using the standing frame? How much you bought that standing frame?

Christine said...

Hi Melanie! Yes, I'm using the floor stand. I bought it many years ago. If I recall correctly, it was around USD100++.

Melanie said...

I love floor stand but its pricey here. I know the seller who sells me the Guan Yin cross stitch is willing to sell her new floor stand for RM200 but I am still considering. Going to survey around see if I could get any stand that is cheaper.

Melanie said...

Hi Christine,

I have just bought a stand frame like yours but I am having problem on how to put my aida cloth in place. Can you please share with me how did you put up the aida in place?

Anonymous said...

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